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La Voix Music Academy Singers Festival

2nd Edition - July 2016

Eighty Students participated for the 2nd Edition of the La Voix Singers Competition which was held in Marsascala on Sunday 31st July 2016.

The first part of the festival was divided into three sections Category A – 3 to 5 years, Category B – 6 to 7 years and Category C – 8 to 9 years. The professional jury for the first part of the festival were Evelina Batey,Maria Luana & Jane Pace. Their job was to judge the Voice and interpretation of each singer. The judges also passed constructive comments on each singer which will help each individual in future performances.

The second part of the festival was divided in another three categories. Category D – 10 to 11 years, Category E – 12 to 13 years, Category F – 14 and up. The judges for this section were Evelina Batey, Daniel Testa & Clinton Paul

All the judges from all the sections had the same comment “The level of all the singers was high and the placings were very close to each other”

The host for this festival was another student at the La Voix Music Academy and  M.I.S.O.P.A, Rachel Lowell

The Overall Winners were, Kristy Spiteri from sections A,B and C and Nicole Borg for Sections D, E and F

There were two Gran Prix Winners of the Festival since both participants managed to obtain the full marks. These were Layla Pulis and Giorgia Borg.



Kristy Spiteri

Overall Winner Section A - B - C

Kristy Spiteri is a 10 year old girl  from San Gwann. Her passion for singing started at an early age. At the age of 6 Kristy started to take singing lessons and her vocal teacher is Miss.Gillian. Her first festival was on the 18th December , 2011. It was a Christmas festival, she sang, ‘ I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas’ and she placed first.

Kristy also took part in a School Musical, ‘ Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat’ and last year she took part in a musical named ‘Star Child’

Kristy competed in many festivals and she won 10 overalls throughout these 4 years . In July 2014 Kristy competed in the Festival Canzone di Mascalucia were she placed 1st in her section

Kristy has also sung with various local Bands during their annual Concert performances were she sang ‘The Greatest Love of All’ and ‘Time to Say Goodbye’

Last summer she competed on a T.V. programme which was ‘Tra Sogno E Realta’ and made it to the semifinals.

Kristy likes to sing all type of music but she loves classical and soprano most. Although Kristy has a busy life with school and singing , she attends Ballet lessons too ... which on stage makes her complete .

In August she competed in the 2nd Edition of the La Voix Singers competition were she was declared the Overall winner of sections A,B and C with the song 5th Element.


Nicole Borg

Overall Winner Section D - E - F

Nicole Borg was born on 4 February, 1998 at Karen Grech Hospital in Pieta. Nicole is an identical twin with her sister Noami, lives at Marsa. She is a Singer.

Music has always been her first love, her mum told, that they started singing instead of talking... Nicole wish has always been to start singing lesson and in fact in 2015 she started taking Vocal Lessons at the La Voix Academy
Nicole has participated in various Local Festivals where she always managed to obtain wonderfully results. One of them was The battle of the voices where she won the overall with the song All by Myself and the Gran Prix with a duet with her sister Noami, with the song called When You Believe

Nicole dream is to go and sing in front of Simon Cowell and to take part in the Eurovision. ..
In Dicember, 2015 together with her sister Naomi they participated in the First Edition of Konkors Misraħ il-Milied and managed to place first in their category.

In August she competed in the 2nd Edition of the La Voix Singers competition were she was  declared the Overall winner of sections D, E and F



Layla Pulis

Festival Gran Prix Winner

Layla Pulis is 6 yrs old. Laya started singing at the age of 4 at la voix Acedemy under the direction of Gillian Attard. Her first audition with Gillian didn't go so well cause she was very shy and she didn't want to sing, but Gillian smiled at her and she gave her a chance to go on.

Only after 3 months she participated in a big festival by Erseb Productions and she placed 4th in her section. She was so happy and from that day she kept going on and on with other local festivals.

Last June she was chosen from Erseb production to participate in a big festival in Spain.  Layla although was only 5, and the youngest participant she placed first in her section. She loves to sing songs from the Zecchino doro Festival. but last festival of la voix acedemy she chose a very different song.  She sang You raise me up and she got the Grand Prix winner It was her first time singing a particular song. She was so happy and so looking forward for the next

Layla's big wish is to participate in Zecchino d`oro festival that happens every November in Italy.




Giorgia Borg

Festival Gran Prix Winner

Giorgia Borg born on April 10th 2008 in Sydney, Australia. Giorgia moved to Malta with her family when she was 6 months old.
Giorgia goes to St Theresa College in B'Kara and when she grows up she wants to become a doctor as well as a successful singer.
Giorgia starting singing when she was 5 years old. She joined La Voix Academy where she is beibg coached by Ms Gillian Attard, Maestro Joseph Chircop and Ms Pamela Gauna.

Since then, Giorgia has taken part in many local and international festivals where she won many 1st places, Best Voice, Overall Winner and also Grand Prix Winner. The latest festival was organized by La Voix Academy where she won the Grand Prix with the song Listen (Beyonce).
Giorgia also participated in the First Edition of KonkorsMisraħil-Milied and Sajf Ma'Gaffiero amongst many others locally.

Internationally Giorgia took part in Una Stella Sta Nascendo in 2015 which airs on Sky Italia and won 1st place & Best Junior Talent. She also participated in Tra Sogno e Realta which aires on La5 with Emmanuela Filliero and made it to the semi finals out of 7,000 kids that auditioned.
More recently Giorgia has been to Finland to compete in the Northern Lights festival where she won the 1st place and in September 2016 she'll be going to Sweden to participate in a festival called Thank you for the Music.

Giorgia always looks forward to more challenging opportunities in her music career



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