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La Voix Music Academy Singers Festival

1st Edition - April 2016


The La Voix Music Academy is a school for Children. On Sunday 24th April the School organised the first Edition of the La Voix Singers Festival, which was a success with over 100 singers who have competed in six different categories. From 3 years and up.

The first part of the festival was divided into three sections Category A – 3 to 5 years, Category B – 6 to 7 years and Category C – 8 to 9 years. The professional jury for the first part of the festival were Clinton Paul , Klismann Coleiro and Kylie Coleiro. Their job was to judge the Voice and interpretation of each singer. The judges also passed constructive comments on each singer which will help each individual in future performances.

For the first part of the Festival, each category was also awarded with a Teen Jury Award . The judges were Shauna Vassallo, Miriana Conte and Clarissa Cauchi, all students at the La Voix Music Academy and  M.I.S.O.P.A

The second part of the festival was divided in another three categories. Category D – 10 to 11 years, Category E – 12 to 13 years, Category F – 14 and up. The judges for this section were Janvil, Leontine Spiteri and Maria Cassar

All the judges from all the sections had the same comment “The level of all the singers was high and the placing were very close to each other”

The host for this festival was another student at the La Voix Music Academy and  M.I.S.O.P.A, Rachel Lowell

The Overall Winners were, Kiana Fenech for Sections A,B and C and The Duo Lisa-Marie Tabone and Giouse Agius for Sections D, E and F

The Gran Prix Winner of the Festival was Miguel Bonello.


Kiana Fenech

Overall Winner Section A - B - C

Kiana Fenech is nine years old. She lives in Qormi. Her passion for singing started from a really young age. At the age of seven, Kiana started to take singing lessons at La Voix Academy. Her vocal teachers are Matt Muxu Mercieca and Gillian Attard. She also attends technique  lessons with Joseph Chircop.

After six months of lessons Kiana had an audition to sing with a live orchestra in Catania. She made it to the final and she placed 2nd in her section with the song 'Proud Mary'.

Kiana also took part in another festival Una Stella Sta Nascendo in Catania with Kelsie Borg in a duet and they made it to the final. In December Kiana was chosen to take part in another festival in Latvia and she placed 1st in her section and 1st runner up in the Grand prix with the song ' And I'mTelling You'

In July 2016 Kiana is going to represent Malta in a big festival that Malta is going to participate for the first time in Slavanski Bazaar in Belarus with the songs 'Quddiem l-Inkwatru tal-Madonna' and ' Mamma Knows Best'.

Also in these two years of singing Kiana competed in different local festivals and she also managed to get many good results.

Last Sunday she participated in the 1st addition of La Voix Academy festival and she placed 1st with 'I Can't Let Go and 1st and also the overall cup with 'Mamma Knows Best'




Lisa-Marie Tabone and Giouse Agius

Overall Winner Section D - E - F

Lisa-Marie Tabone is 13 Years old student at the La Voix Academy. She started singing originally as soloists from the age of 9 at The La Voix Music Academy and is vocally coached by Ms. Gillian Attard. Since February 2015 she started singing with Giosue Agius as duet.

Giosue Agius is 15 years old. Giosue also sang as solo before becoming a part of the duet with La Voix Academy also tutored by Ms.Gillian. As a duet, the first song they sang together was The Prayer. The Duo took part in a festivals and won first place and also best voice with Grande Amore.

Last Year Lisa-Marie and Giosue sang as a duo in a television programme Tra sogno e realta in Italy and made it to the prefinals with the song ` The prayer`

Last Sunday they took part in another festival hosted by La voix Academy with the song O Sole Mio and placed 1st in their section and also won the Over All.

At present Lisa-Marie and Giosue are also part of a Trio with Cledia Micalleff and are called "Forbidden" They will be participating in the "Battle of the Voices" this June


Miguel Bonello

Festival Gran Prix Winner

Miguel Bonello is a 13 year old soprano boy from Rabat. Miguel attends the La Voix Music academy and he is vocally trained by Ms. Gillian Attard and vocal technique  lessons with Joseph Chircop.

Miguel has participated in various local festivals where he mainly placed firsts. Miguel also competed in International Festivals such as 'Una Stella Sta Nascendo in Italy, 'Star Rain Festival' in Prague , as well as the 'Northern Lights Festival' in Finland. In Finland Miguel won the prestigious award 'The Grand Prix' with both his songs. In the last two international Festivals Miguel was chosen locally to partcipate in these Festivals by Erseb Productions Malta after he had competed and won in one of the festivals which are organised by ERSEB.

At the moment, Miguel is taking part in 'The Entertainers Singing Challenge' which is being aired on Net TV everySaturday evening. Next summer, he will be competing in another International Festival 'Riga Symphony' in Latvia which is once again organised by Erseb Productions. 

On Sunday the 24th of April 2016, during the La Voix Singers Festival (1st edition)Miguel placed 1st with both songs and also was the 'Grand Prix' winner with full points on both his songs.


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