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The Entertainer Singing Challenge


Spiteri Lucas Entertainment has launched a new Singing Challenge which will feature during “The Entertainers”, a Saturday night variety show on NET Television, hosted by former Malta Eurovision Song Contest runner-up, Janvil.

The Entertainers Singing Challenge", has been opened for singers between 11 and 15 years. 51 participants have applied for a spot in the seminfinal. The audition were done behind closed oors on Wednesday 10th February. The contestants sang live with with playback music and were judged by a professional panel of judges.

On Saturday 13th February during `The Entertainers` program, the 32 semi-finals which have passed the audition were announced. From now onwards the contestants will sing live together with `The Entertainers` live band,

The voting for the semifinal will be decided through 80% jury and 20% tele-voting, 16 artists will make it through to the final stage of the competition, where they will perform twice, once in a celebrity duet meant to act as a showcase, and the second time in a competition, in a result decided entirely through a professional panel of judges.

The Singers who made it through to the next phase are Aidan Jay Drakard, Gail Attard, Charisse Ann Vassallo, Nicole Hammett, Chanelle Cardona, Kylie Meilak, Kimberly Zarb, Rachel Lowell, Ilenia Camilleri, Mardy Farrugia, Miguel Bonello, Jahel Cardona, Haley Azzopardi, Victoria Sciberras, Demi Galea, Amy Marie Borg, Thea Aquilina, Sidney Rose Henwood, Nicole Frendo, Michela Pace, Kira Copperstone, Nicole Falzon, Cledia Micallef, Raquel Seguna, Eliana Gomez Blanco, Thea Gauci, Cyrine Amri, Milena Bianco, Samira Cauchi, Kelsey Farrugia and Kayley Cuschieri




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