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Tigran Gasparian Vocal Coach Now in Malta


Tigran Casparian was born in Armenia and at the age of 7 his family decided to go and live in Israel. His father was an opera singer for over 35 years and his brother was also a singer, who was part of the cast of the "Voca People".

Tigran Gasparin played the violin for 6 years until the age of 13. Singing was always a part of him and he describes it that singing is part of him as his hands and hisleg, there is no difference.

Gasparin has been teaching vocal development in his own studio and also in couple of music schools. He singings, ' in open mics in different bars and working with Djs.

Tigran Gasparin will be coming to Malta in the near future and will be giving some Vocal and SLS Coaching at he La Voix Academy. For more info call on: 79222001





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