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Arpeggio International Singing Competition


Erseb Productions is a renowned company in the local festival circuit with well over thirty years of experience and has given rise to several talents along the years such as singers like: - Fabrizio Faniello and Brooke Borg among other.

ARPEGGIO INTERNATIONAL is the name of the new International Festival which will be organised by Erseb Productions from the 26th to the 30th of May in Malta where Maltese singers will be competing with foreign Singers. Contest will be held at “Seashells hotel at Suncrest Malta”. All competitors will be having an opening party before the competition stars and ending with a Gala Night after the contest together with a limousine ride followed by a red carpet event.

Erika Said, an Artist Representative and producer from ERSEB Productions said that these last two years Erseb has been on top in promoting Maltese singers abroad. “We work for the talent that our country has to offer very hard, I’m always searching for new opportunities. We have visited many countries including: - Macedonia, Russia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Germany, Prague, Spain, Georgia, Armenia and many more coming but have to be kept as a secret for now.”

When asked about the new venture that ERSEB Productions will produce later on this month Erika said that this was a ┬ádream that has been running through their minds for over a year and that finally it is coming through. “It’s about time that organizers and singers from different countries we visited come to our beautiful and sunny Malta. We are very happy that for our first edition 12 countries will be participating and a total number of 80 singers will be competing and singing 1 song each.

Erika also commented that ERSEB Productions will not stop here, in fact they have many big Competitions coming up “I cannot finish this interview by not mentioning “Slavanski Bazzarr” held in Belarus next July and “New Wave Junior” held in Russia next August. Many big things and project are coming ahead us soon but as I said earlier I have to keep them as a secret for now until the time comes to publish the big news! I promise to bring more opportunities for all Maltese singers as we have so much to offer in this little island. Thank you sweet Rachel for a lovely Interview! Keep up your good work!”

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Interview by Rachel Lowell


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