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Accademia: Il Talent

A group of students from the La Voix Aademy will be singing tonight in San Cataldo in the Final of the Italian TV Program Accademia: Il Talent. These are Jahel Cardona, Kelsey Bellante, Hayley Azzopardi, Cledia Micallef, Gislaine Mifsud, Krista Sujak, Kristi Spiteri, Lauren Farrugia, Claire Ciantar, Michela Abdilla, Rachel Mamo, Naomi Roberts and Domenique.

“Accademia – Il Talent” will be shown on the Italian SKY TV channel starting from from mid- May.  The event is organized by ' Association GenteEmergente and Euroevents with AB Events collaboration. The final will see 35 participants from every corner of Sicily and Malta perform and compete in dancing, drama and singing.

Joining them from Malta is another Student from the La Voix Academy Rachel Lowell who was invited to sing in the Final after last year she won her singing category during the Italian TV Program UNA STELLA STA NASCENDO which was held in June in the city of Caltasinetta in front of thousands of spectators

The host of the final and also the president of the jury will be the actor Massimo Morra .


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