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Interview with Local Singer Ozzy Lino

Ozzy Lino needs no introduction to the local music scene. But a random performance as he was riding as a passenger on the Frankfurt subway is fast propelling him into the international limelight. After the Pro Light and Sound in Messe in Frankfurt, singers Kiddo Kat and Heidi Joubert casually performed the classic song Kiss by Prince on board the moving train. But passenger Ozzy Lino who was sitting close by lent his unique voice to the second part of the song, turning the spotlight on him. The performance soon got the crowd on board the cabin clapping and cheering.

Ozzy Lino was born in Malta, and raised in Australia, before returning to the island, Ozzy Lino had years of experience as a musician on stage, in the studio, on the radio, and on television.

Hi Ozzy Lino, Can you tell us something about you? When did you first begin your singing career and who encouraged/inspired you to do so?

As a young kid growing up in Valletta, I went to Johann Strauss School of Music, where I learnt music theory, singing and piano, and when I was 9 my family moved to Australia that’s where I joined the Green Valley Young People’s Choir. Capt. Rex Harris was the Choir Master at the time and I grew up singing all over Australia and we even toured to the UK and the USA!

Can you tell us a bit about your recent experience on the train in Frankfurt and how did it effect you?

Well emm… what can I say I see a good jamm session I gotta join in, how can I not? You see it doesn’t matter where I am and what I’m doing if there’s a good vibe going I stop and listen, these girls started playing music right in front of me! How could I not join in!

In a weeks’ time you will be sharing the stage with Heidi Joubert and KIDDO KAT during a charity event for MCCF.  What is your feeling about this first appearance as a trio

I’m really excited, I have not seen them since I left that train, I feel very honoured that my first gig with them will be at the Presidential Palace and I’m so looking forward to the show!

We’re certain every artist and musician has at some point forgotten the lyrics to a song at a given concert. Any fun stories or reflections about that you’d like to share?

Hmmm forgetting lyrics that’s probably hehehe…. I really never ever use lyrics, If you don’t know the song you can’t feel he lyrics, so sometimes the song sounds the same but then wait hey em….. Is that how the song goes? So I’ve like a few of those stories, and it’s like keep it live!

What else can we expect from you in the future?

At the moment I’m looking at releasing a new single in the near future followed by an Album followed by ….who knows what the future holds

What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Never give up, I really stand by this. I have been doing what I am still doing right now, for a very long time and I would have never ever dreamed that it would happen to me at this point in my life.


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Interview by Rachel Lowell




Frankfurt Subway Session KIDDO KAT, Heidi Joubert feat ans Ozzy Lino

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