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Miguel Bonello

`The Entertainers Singing Challenge` Semifinalist

Miguel Bonello have recently auditioned for `The Entertainers Singing Challenge` a TV Festival organised by Spiteri Lucas Entertainment which will be aired on NET TV every Saturday during the Saturday night show `The Entertainers`. We have asked Miguel a few questions.

Tell us a bit about yourself, age, where do you live, favourite food etc.
I am Miguel Bonello, a soprano singer from Rabat Malta. I am 13 years old.  My favourite food is pizza.

How important is music to you/why?
Music is my everything. I feel relaxed when I listen to music.

Who is your favourite singer and why?
My favourite singer is Malena Ernman because I like her voice and her style of singing.

Do you keep a lucky charm when you are singing?

Favorite Foreign TV show and why?
X-factor because I like to watch talented people.

A message to the our readers?
Never give up on whatever you do. Always keep trying.





Miguel Bonello - La Voix

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