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Cledia Micallef

`The Entertainers Singing Challenge` Semifinalist

Cledia Micallef have recently auditioned for `The Entertainers Singing Challenge` a TV Festival organised by Spiteri Lucas Entertainment which will be aired on NET TV every Saturday during the Saturday night show `The Entertainers`. We have asked Cledia a few questions.

Tell us a bit about yourself, age, where do you live, favourite food etc.
My name is Cledia Micallef. I am 12 years old and I live in Tarxien. My passion is Singing, Dancing and Playing Piano. My favorite food is fish and sea food .

How important is music to you/why?
Music is my passion and I don't consider music as only as a hobby but it's my life and beyond.

Who is your favourite singer and why?
There are many Singers but my most favorite singers are Jackie Evencho for her lovely angelic voice and she was the first person that inspired me and Joseph Calleja had also inspired me with his strong voice and especially when I had participated in Joseph Calleja Children Choir.

Do you keep a lucky charm when you are singing?
I use to wear a bracelet that I bought from Rome and it's blessed from the Pope. I believe this brings me luck

Favorite Foreign TV show and why?
My favorite tv program is Glee because it has a lovely story about young student that love music

A message to the our readers?
I love music from my heart up to my soul. I do this to enjoy, It`s my passion for my life. I keep on working for improvement and perfection day after day. This should be an example for others not to give up in anyway but keep on trying until succeed





Cledia Micallef - Un Amore Cosi Grande

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