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Interview with Bradley Cachia

Today we met eith Bradley Cachia from San Gwann. Bradley Cachia is 12 years old and attends the St Aloysius’ College in Birkirkara. In 2013, Bradley started learning music theory and playing the euphonium. Music has always been part of him and so in 2014 he started attending vocal lessons. Bradley has recently auditioned for the Sound Of Music The Musical which will be held later on this year in Malta and was choosen to be part of the cast.

We asked Bradley the following questions:

Have you competed in local/foreign Festivals. Tell us a bit about these experiences.

Yes, I have. Besides singing in various local festivals, I also sang in local festivals on TV. I have also competed in foreign festivals. I always did well and gained positive feedback.

How important is music to you/why?

Music is very important to me. It helps me to come out of the shadows since I am a very shy person. I have obtained several opportunities already and I am looking forward for more to come.

Who is your favourite singer and why?

My favourite singer is Bruno Mars. He inspires me because on stage, Mars is able to sing, dance and play in a wide range of musical styles. Bruno also inspires me because of his retro showmanship that is widely acclaimed by tour critics and reviewers. I wish that when I grow older, I can sing in various styles and become an amazing showman just like him!

Recently you have been chosen to form part of the Sound Of Music Musical which will be held at the MCC in October. Tell us a bit about this new adventure.

I am very satisfied that I’ve been chosen amongst hundreds of others who auditioned. It’s my first time being casted in a musical. I am really enjoying the rehearsals. I made a lot of new friends and we have all become like one big family. The production team is very supportive and understanding. I am really looking forward for the actual production night and for the audience to enjoy the musical as much as we are.

At the end of our interview Bradley wanted to send a message to oyur readers “Never let the fear of striking out, keeping you from playing the game!” Everyone should be able to follow and achieve their dreams. My motto is: “Never give up, cause you’re always there. Never give up, anytime, anywhere!”

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Interview by Rachel Lowell


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