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Rising Star - Amy Mizzi

I am Amy Mizzi and I am 12 years old. I have been attending La Voix Music Academy for the past 4 years.Singing is my passion. It helps me get through everyday struggles and allows me to express myself.

My Vocal tutor is Gillian Camenzuli Kerr. She is a very dedicated tutor who not only helps me with my singing but is also a role model to me. In these last 4 years I have taken part in various local festivals where I have always placed between 1st and 4th .I have also been many times to Italy for workshops and festivals. Last September I managed to pass through to the finals of ‘Konkors kanzunetta Indipendenza Junior’ with an original song ‘Cikkulata’ penned by Ingrid Vella and composed by Dominic Cini and Gillian Camenzuli Kerr. It was an amazing experience.

In January of this year I was chosen to represent Malta in a festival in Hungary by the name of ‘Star to born’. I was awarded 1st place by the main sponsors of the festival. It was another amazing experience were I made lots of new friends.

Apart from singing I also love to read and swim. I love to learn new things and experiment with new ideas. My goal for the future is that I continue to improve my voice and maybe one day launch my own CD. As a profession I would really like to work with animals full time and maybe if I have some spare time I would also like to be a make-up artist,while also leaving time for my singing.


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Amy Mizzi - Cikkulata

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